Pantum P2500 Driver and Software

Friday, May 19th, 2023 - PANTUM

Pantum P2500 Driver Download

Pantum introduces the latest printer with the name Pantum P2502W, competing with the Canon MG3650S. It is embedded with USB connectivity technology, but no LAN and wireless features built-in. Moreover, it comes with laser printing in a compact design. However, the P2502W printer is only available in 2 colors, black and white.

Pantum P2500 Driver

Pantum P2500 Driver

P2500 Benefits and Advantages

As we know, the Pantum P2500 Printer is very suitable for office and home use. It only has a monochrome output with a print speed of up to 23 ppm. Use genuine cartridges for satisfying, professional print results. But it supports various types of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and also Mac. This laser printer only has a single function, unlike the M7105DN series which is multifunctional.

The print quality of the P2500 printer is impressive in both black and white. It also supports multiple media sizes including A4, F4, etc. Unfortunately, only on the P2500W model included wireless connectivity which it lets you easily to connect to smart devices such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Remember, to be able to connect wirelessly with your smartphone you need the Pantum APP which is freely available on the PlayStore and also the Apple AppStore.

Pantum P2500 Driver supports the following OS:

Windows 11 (x64/x86), Windows 10 (x64/x86), Windows 8.1 (x64/x86), Windows 7 (x64/x86), Windows Vista (x64/x86), Windows XP (x64/x86), Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2019 (x64/x86), Apple Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Novell SuSE Linux ES, and also RedHat Enterprise.

How to Download and Install Pantum P2500 Printer Drivers

  1. Click Download Driver Files on the link below, then the File Download window appears, click Save and click OK.
  2. While the Download Complete window appears, click Close. Then unzip the file, run setup and follow your on-screen installation instructions.
  3. When the installation finish window apprears, press the Test Print menu. If the Driver installed successfully,  then the printer will respond to your commands.

Pantum P2500 Driver for Windows

Pantum P2500 Windows Drivers (x64/x86)
Version:V2.6.26, released date: –
Filename: Pantum_P2200-P2500-P2600-S2000_Series_Driver_V2_6_26.exe (31.17 MB)

Pantum P2500 Driver for macOS

Pantum P2500 Mac Drivers (MacOS 12.x/11.x/10.x)
Version: V1.11.6, Released date: –
Filename: Pantum_P2200-P2500-P2600-S2000_Mac_Driver_V1_11_6_Codesign.dmg (3.77 MB)

Pantum P2500 Driver for Linux

Pantum P2500 Linux Drivers (Ubuntu OS)
Version:V1.1.94, Release date: N/A
Filename: (1.43 MB)

Pantum P2500 Application for Android

PantumSmart Android APP for Android OS
Version: V2.0.57, Release date:-
Filename: PantumSmart_Android_PP_V2_0_57_(220).apk (192.70 MB)